Tuesday, 30 September 2008

'Paperboy' by El Tobe

Here's a page from El Tobe's contribution to the book. When I first put the book together, I was trying to assemble a team of artists that don't usually draw comics every day. This was in the hope that something a little unusual would happen. And I'm pleased to say it did...Can you believe this is El Tobe's first real attempt at using a comic style layout with his art work?


Lucie Georger said...

Hi !!!

I love this project ! How can I participate ?????


Kyri Kyprianou said...

Hi Lucie!

I had a look at your blog and the work is really lovely. But unfortunately we currently have enough artists for the project. If this book is a success, I will want to do one next year...fingers crossed. So you can send me an email if you like:


And I will put you down for the next one!

I'm really glad you like the project...spread the word!